«Nodi D'Autore» was founded on 1957 Christmas’ eve

… when Francesco d'Ambrosio, craftsman, decided to open his own shop of ties: two rooms on the ground floor of a beautiful house in Como, close to the lake, thanks to just a small starting capital, so much passion for the job and, above all, a great heritage of experience and culture on silk.

His wife, Mrs. Teresa, heads the female employees and she will follow, step by step, all stages of the process (from cutting to packing), carried out entirely by hand.

Meanwhile, Francesco takes care of the development of the company, by modernising the production facilities and hiring new staff • • •

The company, today

«Nodi D'Autore»means "Knots by Author" and indeed, in nearly half a century, this shop has become a landmark in Turin for those looking for ties of rare quality.

At the helm of the company today is Maria, Francesco and Teresa's daughter, from whom she inherited a unique passion and a high professionalism.

Maria has further improved the importance of «Nodi D'Autore» by maintaining the artisan style (each tie is still sewn and finished by hand, as yore), by offering the finest fabrics (silk, mainly), presenting always new collections and expanding the offer with the addition of an endless choice of tailored shirts, for the most demanding customers • • •

Times change, the Style remains

While alert to changes of costume and design in the style of modern man, Maria d'Ambrosio has never abandoned the ancient art of "tie making" and continues to offer clothing and accessories of absolute elegance. Vestments are the proof:

and, above all,

In addition to these, any other fashion accessories for men: e.g. the bow tie, the tuxedo band, the ascot, clutches and silk scarves, to mention a few.

By «Nodi D'Autore» all garments can be customized with any mark or logo submitted by the customer (e.g. schools, clubs, etc...). For any inquiries about customization, do not hesitate to contact us •