When knots meet the art

"Tying a tie is more than a mere daily gesture ... it takes grace and method, to be flawless in every occasion"

Our recommendations

  1. Never wear the same tie two days in a row, give it time to ...revive.
  2. Do not loosen the knot, if it annoys you: rather, take off the tie.
  3. Do not remove a knotted tie by slipping off from your head: it is the best way to have a wrinkled tie, the next day.
  4. When you take off a tie, hang it immediately or put it on a shelf. If it needed some ...smoothing, "ironing" must be the last thing be taken into account.
  5. An effective, and less dangerous way is to hang it in the bathroom above the tub or near the shower, while washing: the steam alone will "relax" your tie. The same can be done, without fear of dripping or splashing, by keeping the tie on top of a pot of boiling water.
  6. If this latter treatment does not help you can always, as a last resort, iron your ties by yourself (very carefully) or get it done by professionals. If you do it yourself, take care that a cotton cloth is placed between the iron plate and the fabric, in order to avoid an unpleasant "glossy effect”
  7. If you spot your tie while eating, you can dab the stain immediately so as not to penetrate deeply into the tissue - DO NOT rub, and turn to a trusted dry cleaner as soon as possible.
  8. In order not to waste your ties when you travel, you can use a special tie case made of leather, canvas or other. Alternatively, you can fold them and put them in a suitcase inside a canvas or plastic bag.
  9. Provided that they are not hopelessly spoiled, do not get rid of your old ties: even after many years, they usually come back in fashion.

Some common knots


SMALL KNOT (aka 'oriental' or 'Kent knot')





or "Simple" knot


(aka "oriental" or "Kent knot")

nodo cravatta inglese


Nodo "Scappino"

nodo cravatta scappino